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Tuesday, March 16, 2010


So I've been in Hong Kong for a little over a month now and I've sat back and thought about my experience so far.

My first thoughts were around, wow, I can't believe that I'm living here. Second thoughts were around will I stay longer than 2-3 years. Many expats that I've met have been here between 5 and 20 years. I asked them why, but it was a question I could answer myself. Hong Kong is a very easy place to live.

Yes, you are away from your life back home--your family and friends. But, for me, being here is like a surreal experience--meaning, I'm oblivious somewhat to the real world or what was my real world back in New York. Besides work, I can go about in a place where I don't know the language so I really don't understand what people are talking about. I can't watch or read the local news for the most part because I don't understand. Of course, I watch CNN and BBC News in English to know whats going on in the world. They also have English language newspapers, but there is still that disconnect.

You may think, well, that is a bad thing--it could be. But for me, it is a piece of mind that allows me to concentrate on what I want to concentrate on.

I named my blog 'A Study in Finding Ones Self'' because being here I get to think a lot and observe a lot. You can learn so much by watching others. You can also learn a lot about yourself by taking time for yourself. Putting myself in this new world is like starting over because I have to adapt to something that is so foreign and through this I am realizing my true strengths and weaknesses--or as they like to call it in Corporate America, my opportunities.

I am so grateful for this experience as it is one that so many people will never get the opportunity to have or a opportunity many people will not take. Being able to travel and see how other people live has been one of the best things about my life so far because it has given me a better understanding of life and people.

I hope people who read this blog and share in this journey with me will feel inspired to step outside of their comfort zone and live their life--not only live it, but live it the way they want to live it.