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Thursday, February 25, 2010

On my way to work with my favorite tie on...

Suit, H&M; Shirt, H&M; Tie, Ralph Lauren Purple Label; Shoes, Louis Vuitton; Sunglasses, Vintage Ray Ban; Watch, Michael Kors; Ring, Tiffany & Co.; Bag, WANT Les Essentials de la Vie

If all else fails...there's always McDonalds

Some Meat Markets

Mannings--It's like our Duane Reade, CVS or Rite Aid in New York

Shell Gas Station

Quarry Bay Train Station

Central (Downtown) subway station entrance

Get your free daily newspaper!

Some sights close to the subway station in Central (Downtown)

In the shuttle on the way to the subway station

Going to Work

Suit, United Colors of Benetton; Shirt, Brooks Brothers; Tie, Elie Tahari; Shoes, Magnanni; Sunglasses, Ray Ban; Watch, Michael Kors; Tote, Marc Jacobs

Going to Work

Suit, Brooks Brothers; Shirt, Brooks Brothers; Tie, Ermenegildo Zegna; Shoes, Salvatore Ferragamo; Sunglasses, Carrera; Watch, Michael Kors; Tote, Marc Jacobs

In Macau

Jacket, H&M; Shirt, Edoardo Morini; Tie, Ralph Lauren; Jeans, Uniqlo; Shoes, Gucci; Watch, Toy Watch; Ring, Tiffany & Co.; Sunglasses, Marc Jacobs; Tote, Marc Jacobs

In Causeway Bay

Jacket, Alexander McQueen for Puma; Sweater, Zara; Shirt, H&M; Tie, Brooks Brothers; Jeans, Marc Jacobs; Sneakers, Louis Vuitton; Sunglasses, Yves St. Laurent; Watch, Michael Kors; Bag, WANT Les Essentials de la Vie

What are you wearing?!!!!

One of the most common questions i've been getting since starting this blog, besides what is it like out there? is where do you shop? and people comment on my clothes. All of my friends and family know I love clothes and anyone reading this blog can clearly see that.

So i've decided to include in the pictures of myself, what I am wearing. For the previous posts, I am reposting some of the pictures to include a run down of what I have on. Also, those who know me, know that I am a budget shopper and always have been so all/most of the clothes I wear, I've gotten for insanely low prices and I am hoping to continue that tradition here in Hong Kong. Let's see how that goes....

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

My first visitor is coming soon

A colleague of mine from New York, who's currently working in another Asian country, is coming to Hong Kong to visit next week so i'm excited to get to see a familiar face. Also, it will give me the opportunity to explore some more of Hong Kong so look out for the pics from their visit.

Obviously one of the highlights of my day